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Soothing Hydrating Lotion

Men of distinction deserve to have a truly luxurious shave—one that leaves your face and neck moist, smooth and invigorated. Abrazo For Men is a line of grooming essentials designed for men who care about how they look, want the best shave possible and need an after shave that doesn’t burn or smell medicinal.

While there may be hundreds of men’s shaving products on the market today, few, if any, have been formulated by a registered pharmacist who knows firsthand the problems that shaving with drugstore products can cause.

Alcohol-free Aftershave Lotion

Borne out of a desire to provide an aftershave lotion for men that didn’t smell like alcohol and didn’t cause discomfort to freshly shaved skin, Abrazo For Men Soothing Hydrating Lotion was created. After a great deal of research and experimenting with various combinations of ingredients, the perfect formulation of all-natural ingredients was eventually discovered which lead the branding of Abrazo For Men aftershave lotion.

When used after Abrazo For Men Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel, our oil-free facial moisturizer will calm and soothe freshly shaved skin due to its unique blend of advanced, natural ingredients and vitamin E. With additional vitamins and a number of essential oils, and a variety of essential oils, Abrazo For Men Soothing Hydrating Lotion leaves skin feeling comfortable, nourished and smelling like lavender and citrus, not that medicinal smell that harsh chemicals and alcohol leave behind.  

Artisan Shaving Products

The Abrazo For Men line of artisanal shaving cream, shaving gel, and aftershave lotion for men was formulated with your needs in mind—if you have suffered from razor burn and bumps and dread shaving every day, Abrazo For Men shave lotion for men will change the way you feel about shaving.

Abrazo For Men shaving products can be used with or without a badger brush, so if you prefer the “hands on” approach, you’ll still get a clean, close, comfortable shave that moisturizers and enriches your skin with various vitamins and great-smelling essential oils while protecting your skin from the discomfort and embarrassment that razor burn causes.

The Perfect Lotion To Complete Your Routine

Embrace the man of distinction within you and choose Abrazo For Men grooming essentials. Whether you prefer a shaving cream or gel, be sure to round out your daily shaving regimen with Abrazo For Men Facial Hydrating Lotion. Abrazo For men grooming essentials will change your life, and you won’t be the only one who notices what a great-looking shave you’re getting. You’ll get the attention a man of distinction like yourself truly deserves.

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Face Hydrating Lotion

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