Abrazo for Men

NarrativeAbrazo:  An embrace (as of salutation) employed in Latin America; often used by men as a term of endearment. Abrazo for many men is being confident enough to “embrace” and celebrate proper grooming and skincare as a part of wellness and healthy living.

Abrazo for Men was inspired and created by a healthcare executive who combined his passion and knowledge as a leading registered pharmacist with his own struggles with sensitive skin.

The Vision│ Abrazo was particularly formulated for all types of skin to bridge the gap between natural skincare, over-the-counter, and prescription-only regimens.  Abrazo for Men seeks to provide our men with advanced, high-performing grooming and skincare products by fusing modern breakthroughs in personal care with traditional and proven natural ingredients.

Philosophy│ Much like well-crafted cheeses, world-class wines, and premium bourbon spirits, Abrazo has a real focus and emphasis on quality (never on quantity). We have intense passion and appreciation of the artistry, craftsmanship and science behind our products.  As a result, we carefully research and use only the highest quality ingredients.  Abrazo for Men is located near Denver, Colorado and all products are made in the U.S.A.

Noble Mission │ We hope to elevate other men to "embrace” their true distinction with our superior, artisan grooming products.