Abrazo Style: New Rules For Dressing For Success

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Here are a few tips that could help you meet the changing business dress environment and your prospects with future business with a particular company.

Know your prospect's uniform.

Before you meet with a prospect, you should know that company's dress code. It's part of your responsibility is to understand that company's culture, including its dress code. Ask for examples, especially of the senior most person who will be in your meeting.

Dress one step up. 

The point here is that you always dress one step further up the clothing ladder than your prospect, but not two. One step says that you respect and value them. Two steps can send a loaded message.

It's not just what you wear, but how you wear it.

Polished shoes, pressed shirts and well-fitted pants always.  Convey that you are a person who pays attention to the details and are professional.

Grooming trumps style.

Even if you're wearing a great suit, if you've got a terrible haircut, you'll give a bad impression. As crazy as it sounds, everything on the grooming punch lists - fingernails, facial hair, haircuts and oral hygiene, matter.

Know your company's uniform.

Remember, you can dress in a way where your attire is the only message people remember, or you can dress in a way that takes nothing away from the message of value your company brings to them.


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